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Thanks again for the financial support, which project "Compliance” received from National Culture Fund, the director Tsvete Yaneva and the actors Yordankaa Andonova, Violina Vasileva, Ekaterina Kazakova, Konstantin Kostov and Martin Noev they restored the stilted street show “We and it”, which this time we presented under the title “The brave dragon”. Restoring the dolls turned out to be more difficult than we expected. the dolls' metal structures had warped and left rust stains on the painted fabrics. We thank set designer Nikola Terziyski for his endless patience and hard work, with which he helped us!
On 19-You and 20 July the huge spectacular dolls delighted young and old alike
celebrations in municipalities "Ilinden" and "Knyazevo". On 20-you July 21st were visiting
to the children of 46-that kindergarten and The Ukrainian hive in Sofia, as well as
in Second home of Ukrainians in Plovdiv.

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