Theatrical and social formation "Theatre Tsvete"

Project "Compatibility" 2023

From 01.01.2023 year, our team starts implementing a project “COMPATIBILITY” with the financial support of National Fund “Culture”, Program for the restoration and development of private cultural organizations 2022

It includes several independent sub-projects:

1.Restoration and distribution of unperformed performances:

Bilingual performance "Borders"

A mock street show "We and it"

2.Creation of a new educational performance on the military narratives of Jordan Yovkov

3.Training on audio description at art events for the blind

4.Distribution of the interactive educational spectacle in the country “An artist's eye, the soul of a poet” according to stories of Elin Pelin

Every single part of a project by project “Compatibility” will be reflected here, on our site and Facebook page of a theater "Tsvete". Expect us!

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