Theatrical and social formation "Theatre Tsvete"

Forum theatre

Forum Theatre is a theatrical play, in which the problem is shown in an unresolved form. The audience, who is also a participant in the performance, is invited to offer…

Puppet theatre

Puppet theater is a type of theater or similar performance, including manipulation of dolls-objects, often resembling a human or animal figure…


Stilts performances

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The child grows up, когато си зададе важните въпроси
The performance "The Eye of an Artist, poet's soul "
Forum theatrical performance for young people over 13
“And what would you do??” is a forum
“Comment on this” is a theatrical play, провокирана от
“You will never see me again” presents dramatic
“Are you cool?” presents the drama from
“Me and you” is a spectacle, in which
The show teaches young viewers how important it is
Представяме ви историята на едно момче с
The puppet tale introduces children to diseases, to
Puppet one-man show of the actress Violina Vasileva, V

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