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Theatre has the advantage, in front of all kinds of arts, to enable each participant's task to be tailored to his / her strengths, preferences and abilities, while maintaining the motivation to work together to achieve a common goal, which would not be possible without summing up the contributions of each of them.
The theater also offers space for overcoming social discrimination against people with disabilities, giving them access to cultural events, as in the role of spectators, and creators.
Considering this, we pursue a wide range of goals, which move from the study of dramatic art strategies and techniques to these, which are more direct and affect the personal development of the participants.

project goals:

  • Preparation and presentation of various performances in each of the partner cities, participating in the project - CalpeSpain, Thessaloniki Greece and Sofia Bulgaria, in order to create visibility of the work of the participants and the significance and social projection of the project in different sectors of society.
  • Acquisition of new skills for interpretation and communication through training of training participants, developed by participating professionals
  • Creating a strategic cross-border network, based on a common interest in raising the visibility of the social value of the performing arts educational and social field

Participants in educational trainings and performances - by 12 man from every side

The implementation of the project will be carried out in two phases:

1in phase: 5daily training on stage skills in each of the partner cities

2ra phase: 5 daily rehearsals for creating and performing in each of the three countries.



2018 r. was presented as the European Year of Cultural Heritage, which aims to promote the participation and approach of Europeans to their cultural heritage, to promote the exchange and appreciation of Europe's rich heritage and to strengthen a sense of belonging to a common European space.

We could not find a more appropriate European reference framework for the presentation of our strategic partnership project, which not only guarantees access to cultural content, but above all encourages participation in the creation and dissemination of this content to a vulnerable group such as people with disabilities.


Theatre has the advantage, which encompasses each of the performing arts, so that the necessary individualization is achieved for each person (taking into account its strengths, preferences and abilities), while maintaining the motivation to work together and as a team, working together to achieve a common goal, which would not be possible without the amount of each contribution.


The theater also offers space for overcoming social discrimination against people with disabilities, to ensure access to cultural content, and also to create.

Taking this into account, we pursue a wide range of goals, which range from the study of dramatic artistic strategies and techniques to those, which are more transverse and affect the personal development of the participants.

  • Develop their skills and dramatic competence from a professional point of view.
  • Collaborate and participate in a play in any organization.
  • Develop transversal competencies through theater: communication, socialization, social visibility and the removal of existing barriers and social prejudices.
  • Offer opportunities to our students with functional diversity to know other cultures and cities.
  • Create networks for cooperation and exchange of methodologies in the field of performing arts, which include various institutions and organizations, to achieve better opportunities for students and consumers to participate in social life and to promote social change.
  • To communicate the impact of this project to the relevant local and regional organizations and authorities, to gain greater support for theater and performing arts for people with disabilities through: more training suggestions, creation of theater festivals, where people with disabilities can participate, greater participation in the supply of recreation plans in their cities, performed for professional companies, who work with people with disabilities, etc..


We will develop a project, divided into two phases:

  1. First year, dedicated to a week of specific training in theaters and performing arts seminars at each of the partners' headquarters
  2. Second year, dedicated to the rehearsal and presentation of the plays, which will be designed in each participating institution.

Participants in these actions will be the 36 students (by 12 from each participating country), who will conduct the training seminars and the presentation of the work.

Mobility from the 1st year

Training seminars in theater and performing arts.

Mobility from the 2nd year

Creation and performance of a play in each country.

Project events

Pajamas Workshop: Fox!

Pajama Workshop: Fox!

Greetings from Sofia !! Violina has prepared a new video for the online workshop by Bulgarians! This fox is so cute, that you would like to do it yourself! Listen to Violina and follow her instructions:

Pijamas Workshop: Birds!

Pajama Workshop: Birds!

Attention! Attention! New video on Violina! Do you have paper rolls at home? Do not throw them away, better recycle them! You can use them, to make this amazing bird! Now it's your turn! Share and enjoy!

Pajamas Workshop: Talking dolls!

Pajama Workshop: Talking dolls!

Pajama workshop: Dancing Birds!

Pajama workshop: Dancing birds!

Here we have a new part of the workshop of the Flower Theater … "Pajamas workshop: Dancing birds !!"You can't miss it! Although Violina has prepared these videos for Spanish and Greek participants, you can all try and …

Pajamas Workshop: Hedgehog!

Pajama Workshop: Hedgehog!

It's me Violina from Theatre Tsvete, which presents its online workshop. It is time for "Pajama workshop!“ This time we make a very special hedgehog. Pay attention and … follow her! Share and enjoy …

We are back!!!

We are back!!!

After a long time, we are very happy to tell you, that … WE ARE BACK !! This pandemic has forced us to stop traveling and seminars in partner countries, but … we found an alternative!
We will make theater workshops from Aratos and Theatre Tsvete online. The participants will carry out the activities in their centers and we will record the whole process, to complete this first year of experience!

For now, we'd like to show you the videos, who Flower Theater has prepared for all of us. We look forward to carrying them out (by doing all the activities) and show you the result !!



We had our first workshop in March and it was amazing! This was the first attempt at Gargasindi in student mobility and we must recognize, that we liked it a lot!

Team of “Dream Theater”

The only thing, which we must regret, is that when our friends came to Spain, a state of emergency has occurred. We were really lucky, that we finally managed to complete the experience and they managed to return to their countries, although we all felt really scared!

However, we have suffered some consequences: some participants failed, the cancellation of the play, to show all students what we have done in the seminars, and the refusal of our operator, who was to come to the theater, to record our performance. Whatever, this does not mean, that we were not happy or did nothing !! We adapted quite well to her situation, as you will see in the shared presentation, we presented at the school to our students (really the best audience!) And instead we used our mobile cameras!

talking circle

But we must admit, that thing, which we were very happy about, except working hours, it was to get to know each other and spend time together in the afternoon, enjoying your free time and enjoying your city. We don't have too many opportunities, to take our free time, dealing with all friends together, so that was a good opportunity.

Now we would like to share with all of you a very nice presentation with photos and videos for our first workshop and we hope, that you will all enjoy so much, as much as we do!

Host of the first seminar

Host of the first seminar

Vicente Galiana has graduated in fine arts. She also has a degree in advanced research (DEA in Spain) in Complutense University in Madrid, within the doctoral program "Applications of art in social integration: art, therapy and education in diversity ".

She worked as a dance teacher in Dan Zas Association, has conducted dance and theater seminars for people with functional disabilities, as well as training courses for professionals from different fields.

Vicente Galiana, acting in Dan Zas Association

She also conducted an Investigation and Research Program based on their experience as a specialized theater company and their research on the performing arts and diversity., looking for those methodologies, which allow the participation of people with functional differences, regardless of their type and variety.

In addition, she has led a wide range of seminars on performing arts and diversity in Alicante, where it comes from, funded by the government of Valencian government.

First transnational meeting

First international meeting

On 2, 3 and 4 November we spent in Lie the first international meeting between the partners, constituting the project “Theater of Dreams”.

Although we had been in contact before, this was the first time, when we met in person.

It was a great opportunity to learn, to share knowledge and experience, as well as to share agreements about the project and the most important information about it.

And besides working, we also had time to get to know and understand the culture of Lie, to discover its cuisine and visit the most charming and emblematic places in the city: the majestic Ifach Rock, the old city walls and its old city , Salinas with their flamingos and others.

Next stop: Lie, March 2020 r. (we expect to start with the seminars!).
Let's go!!

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