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Theatrical and social formation "Theatre Tsvete"

Theatre Tsvete launched the "Theatre for Education" project with the financial support of Sofia Program "Culture". We begin with the presentation of two educational performances, developed based on literary material studied in junior high school and high school. Between the individual parts of the performance, the actors enter into a dialogue with the audience, to help them reach their own conclusions, written in the textbooks.
Interpreting studied literary works in an interesting and accessible way for students will color their everyday life and help them prepare for exams and matriculation.

"White scarf, red cloves ”

an educational performance based on Job's stories: "On the line", "Seraphim" and Shibil


educational performance based on the works of Aleko Konstantinov

We are planning a conference "Theatre for Education", in preparation for which we begin collecting opinions of students who have used our theater products and services, teachers, parents and like-minded colleagues in support of the cause of adding theater as a non-formal education in ordinary schools in order to increase the quality of education

The program for April and May includes more:

"An artist's eye, the soul sings"

based on the stories of Elin Pelin: "The harvest"; Asphyxiation; "Mowers" and "In the Other World"

"War Stories"

based on the stories of Yordan Yovkov: "Last Joy" and "Valkadin Talks to God"

Ticket price 10 BGN
For organized groups of 20 and more human price 8 BGN
Tickets will be sold in front of the hall

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