Don't let the brake and violence

Theatre Tsvete conducted the first test of the game 22.02. 2019 r. in 117-the High School "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" in the city. Buhovo - a small working town on the outskirts of Sofia with a predominant Roma population.


  • In a preliminary conversation with the school principal and the school psychologist, we presented the project and expressed our desire to conduct the test with 10 students from the seventh grade (14 annual); We translated the whole text, referring to the three chosen characters - Man (with hearing impairment), Agnes (with a visual problem) and Martha (with delayed intellectual development);
  • We edited it, to make it as close as possible to the speaker and to make the necessary changes, where it is needed;
  • We discussed how to conduct the test. In our opinion, working on three characters is too much, for one activity after 7 study hours. We decided, that the blind girl will be the most unknown hero to our participants, because. they study together with peers, who have intellectual or hearing problems, but not with children with visual impairments. That's why we tested the game only for Man and Martha.
  • We made colored cards for the game.


  • The participants were 5 girls and 5 boys from 7th grade, 14-annual;
  • The game took place in a specially furnished room, with only one table, on which to arrange the cards, 15 chairs for all present and a lot of empty space;
  • The event was opened by the school principal, who introduced our team and expressed her satisfaction, that through this event their school is involved in an international European project. Tsvete Yaneva presented the project and the goal of the upcoming game. She had a brief discussion of the ways, on which it is possible to solve a problem.
  • The leaders of the game were the actors Martin Noev and Ekaterina Kazakova;
  • They started the game with a warm-up;
  • The men's group started the game, working on tasks, linked to Man, using blue cards. Martin read the feature of Man. The first boy took a card out of the pile of problematic situations and read it aloud. The game leader tried to encourage the participants to present the read cases, which happened with varying degrees of success. The participants rather needed to comment on the case, to share the extent to which it affects them personally. to condemn the perpetrators. They were especially ruthless towards their parents, who did not support their children. Then Martin Take the next step in the development of the game: „How can Adam solve the problem?“ The other four boys in the group drew a map from the pile of solutions to the problem and read it aloud.. After each decision read Martin the whole group asked: "What are the possible results of such an action??“ This was the most challenging part of the game. The participants made assumptions. And when the speeches were exhausted, two girls took out both cards, which we had prepared and read in front of everyone. There was great excitement, everyone was satisfied, that he was very close to the answer and was celebrating as a winner. This is how the verbal cases were discussed, emotional and physical violence, in which it was placed Man.
  • Because the participants had before lunch 7 school hours and we had already worked together for more than an hour, we asked them if they wanted to continue the game. All but one gave a positive answer;
  • Like the first character, Game Master Ekaterina allocate tasks, linked to Martha, to the group of girls, this time using pink cards. Young people work on verbal cases, financial and sexual harassment of Martha:
  • After all, the participants appreciate the high game, which they write in the questionnaires. They write about the event FB page of 117 school;
  • The school psychologist, who is present at the whole event, also assess the emotional impact of the game, provoking empathy for the sufferer and a desire to counter harassment.

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