“Are you COOL?” – forum theatre for students

"Are you cool?” presents the drama of the need to replace the spiritual needs of the young man with material gains , to be admitted to a particular social group.
In their quest for self-assertion, many young people are willing to make big compromises, to be accepted into the desired group. The play presents the drama of disappointment in the realization of the falsity of material criteria, with which they have agreed to replace the moral ones.
The show is broadcast online with the financial support of National Fund “Culture”
  • Screenplay and direction

    Tsvete Yaneva

  • Participate

    Violina Vasileva-Alexandrova, Nevena Dencheva, Martin Noev and Philip Gulyashki

  • Duration

    45-60 minutes

  • Appropriate for

    12-18 annual

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