2015 - EDUCATHE+

EDUCATHE + Educational theater - a center of integration and proving the work potential of people with disabilities

Funded by the EU Education Program, training, youth and sports (Erasmus +), EDUCATHE + is a partnership project of eight organizations from six EU member states and one partner country, who strive together to improve the employment of people with disabilities through the means of educational theater. This method allows the development of key competencies in people with disabilities, at the same time helping to increase their visibility and breaking down prejudices in society - the main reason for the difficulties, which people with disabilities encounter in the labor market

The problems of people with disabilities are a social problem, to which the EU has paid special attention in recent years. This, which has not yet been achieved, is the lack of understanding among employers, that these people are not unable to work. As organizations with many years of experience in working with and for people with disabilities, we know, that this is due to a lack of interaction between people with disabilities and those without.

We know from many years of experience, that contacts between people with and without disabilities lead to higher levels of mutual understanding, cooperation and even employment, as well as to lower levels of prejudice and subsequent discrimination.
The main method, which we will use in the project is developed based on the principles, brought out through 2008 r. within a project "Educational theater - a place to overcome discrimination against people with disabilities - EDUCATHE". It provokes a rethinking of values ​​in life, as in people with or without disabilities, so do their trainers. This is a method, open to new ideas and developments, which is especially important, given the different needs of the diverse local communities in the EU. that's why, this partnership aims to share methods and enrich them from the shared experience of the partners, to move from the field of non-formal education in the field of employment. Built on a proven method, which allows all partners to include their method, this partnership will give a new dimension and produce added value at European level for all, who participate in the partnership activities - students and trainers with and without disabilities, as well as indirectly - the general public, media and legislators (through our performances) - is therefore aimed at all stakeholders in this social problem.

In general 40 days and 8 international educational seminars in performing arts, participants will conduct 112 mobility in the cities of partner organizations (31 which, made by people with disabilities); will share and develop practices and prepare 8 theatrical performances, presented to the general public in order to raise public awareness of the existing economic discrimination of people with disabilities. The performances will take place in places, symbolizing the link between the EU and the local country, followed by discussions between people with disabilities and the general public about opportunities and possible interaction to launch the first on the labor market. These performances will be recorded and distributed on our web platform http://upset.hr/en/e-platform/

and all, who are interested in working with (and for) disabled people and the use of the theater for educational purposes, you will be able to freely access online this knowledge and other materials, produced by this partnership: E + Toolbox, E + educational video, E + documentary.
The results of our partnership will be posted there throughout the project and will include practices, exercises, experience, interviews and methods, who share partners from their own experience. Sharing and enriching their own experience in integrating and promoting the employability of people with disabilities, the partners will create a new common methodology.

Except for the seminars, which will produce public appearances, we will have three staff meetings, to ensure the quality of project management and a final press conference.
The current partnership is built on the values ​​of democracy, transparency, equality and solidarity, which we will invest in conducting theater workshops, to overcome the social prejudices of increasing the employability of people with disabilities. In the performances we will make their abilities visible, to downplay their physical or mental difficulty in the eyes of employers - something, which we encourage other organizations to do as well. We see this partnership as the basis for building a common future network of organizations, who meet the needs of people with disabilities and work in the field of education and culture to improve their employability.
We use this opportunity, to invite all interested organizations and individuals, working with or FOR people with disabilities or other marginalized groups to contact and join us during the project and then - when we are planning the third step - disseminating the results of EDUCATHE + method and system for adult education throughout Europe.

C1 = UPSET (Zagreb, Croatia)
C2 = INTEGRATION INCUBATOR (Ventspils, Latvia)
C3 = ARATOS (Thessaloniki, Greece)
C5 = OCEAN (Athens, Greece)
C6 = ADM (Siracuza, Italy)
C7 = TSVETE THEATER (Sofia, Bulgaria)
C8 = DE ZEYP (Brussels, Belgium)


E + educational seminars and project meetings

The main activities of the partnership consist of international theater (and other performing arts) seminars and management meetings. Or, as Erasmus + he likes to call them - short staff trainings and transnational joint project meetings.

The main purpose of the seminars is to enable participants to develop or strengthen their "soft skills". (key EU competences), ending each with a public performance, thus making prejudices against people with disabilities in the labor market more visible to the public.

Meetings of project leaders are a means of live communication, where partners can discuss partnership issues, to plan future activities and develop the terms and conditions of successful cooperation.

The seminars will be held every two to three months in seven countries and eight cities: Zagreb (Croatia), Thessaloniki (Greece), Brussels (Belgium), Antalya (Turkey), Athens (Greece), Syracuse (Italy), Sofia (Bulgaria ) and Wenzpils (Latvia).

Each seminar will be a unique opportunity for the local partner to present their way of working in an international environment (which is often missing when working with the problems of people with disabilities), and also an opportunity for all partners, to combine, change, to explore and identify new methods to improve their own work.

Meetings of managers will be held three times: Zagreb (First date), Antalya (Interim meeting) and again in Zagreb (Final reporting meeting). The last meeting will include a press conference, where the results of all partners will be presented and the seeds of a new partnership (or even networking) will be planted.


Theatrical & performative performances, created through educational seminars, which focus on the issue of employability and skills of people with disabilities and people, who work with them, are. an integral part of E + partnership. Skills are developed by combining non-formal education and the performing arts to achieve so-called 'soft skills' - important key competences. Except that they present the work publicly, performed by the participants, they also convey a positive message to the audience in the hall, and later to the general public and employers through videos of the performances, which are published on our E + platform.

Although our methods, expression styles and specific local themes, played by the participants, may vary, the main message of all performances in E + the partnership is for solidarity, integration and employment opportunities and employability of people with disabilities.

The performances of E + the partnership conveys the main message of independence, well-being, positive worldview, friendship, solidarity and inclusion - which will help participants get great new business ideas and boost their entrepreneurial spirit, which is why they play a crucial role in this partnership.

Everyone is welcome to attend our free performances (please, check the dates and places below) or, as an alternative, to join our performances online - through their videos.

C1 International Educational Seminar and presentation

UPSET (16.-21.11.2015.), Zagreb, Croatia: UNSEEN ABILITY

Educathe+ Educathe+ Educathe+ Educathe+

Educathe+ Educathe+ Educathe+ Educathe+

The first educational seminar of the partnership "Unseen opportunity" is based on drama-action. It will be held in Trešnjevka Cultural Center, Zagreb (Stara Trešnjevka Park 1, 10000 Zagreb).

Main objectives:

  • increase the employability of people with disabilities by developing "Soft skills" (key EU competences) of the participants and enabling the labor market,
  • raising the visibility of this social problem in society,
  • raising awareness among the public and employers and stimulating discussions and debates,
  • research on prejudices and stigmatization of people with disabilities in the labor market

The working meeting will start on November 16, 2015 and will end with a public presentation of 21 November 2015 g., in the famous European Theater Night, through which through 2014 r. only for one night - were reported 42 000 audience on 148 representation in 43 the city.
The workshop will be conducted by the coordinating partner UPSET theater. UPSET will use his drama-action approach, to encourage participants to participate in the theatrical process of intensive interaction between these, which are "without disabilities" and those, who are "disabled" by accepting self-chosen roles and reflexive thinking. Participants will go through exercises using the method of UPSET, which is built on a combination of the symbolic theater of Victor Turner (version of a tribal ritual), study the actions of Kurt Levin and other similar expressive performing arts (for example, contemporary dance), through which they will explore the topic and prepare their performance. UРSET drama-action is a method of research, based mostly on knowledge, experience and invested creativity, which the participants introduce in the process of searching for perspectives. Different exercises and theatrical practices will be combined, incl. contemporary dance, to develop a space of role freedom, intensive interaction and discussions of reflective thinking. The culmination of this process will be the final performance, which will be conducted by the participants.

The seminar will be conducted by a sociologist Ivan Hromatko and Natasha Yurisich, dance teacher and choreographer. In the end, at the workshop the results will be recorded and later published on the platform for dissemination and invitation to other persons and organizations to join us in a future network and / or use them in their work.



11.21.2015; 20 o'clock (admission is free)
Trešnjevka cultural Center, Stara Trešnjevka Park 1 (TNT Theater Hall)

The public performance "Invisible ability" is the final type of the seminar of the same name with the participation of people with disabilities and people, who deal with the problems of people with disabilities from Greece, Italy, Latvia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Belgium and Croatia, who are concerned about increasing the employability of people with disabilities and their skills. The seminar is held within the program „Educathe +“, KD2 Strategic partnerships.

The seminar is led by Ivan Hromatko and Natasha Yurisich, members of Stigmatization Prevention Association and Educational Theater and aim to explore some of the problems, faced by people with disabilities in the labor market and social life. The performance will present potential solutions to these obstacles.

The seminar will be conducted by the method of drama-action - innovation in the field of educational theater, which was designed by a sociologist Ivan Hromatko in his work on his doctoral dissertation, and then - enriched with movement and dance by the choreographer and dance teacher Natasha Yurisich.

In it, the participants will form an alternative and symbolic world, which will free them from everyday roles and give them the freedom to criticize everyday norms and values, as well as to carry out intensive interaction with each other. In this symbolic world, they will explore different social relationships and opportunities when changing roles - e.g.. entering that of an employer of a disabled person and attempting action, which go beyond stigmatization, sending external (public messages) and internal (awareness of personal skills and abilities).

Starting with the most famous words of all marginalized groups and individuals, "Nothing for us without us", participants will continue to actively create performances and cross the path of stigma; to pursue the inclusion and empowerment of people with disabilities; to oppose institutional discrimination and architectural barriers and to seek possible solutions to these problems
At the end of the performance there will be a discussion between the audience and the performers, in which they will get acquainted with the problems, faced by people with disabilities in seven European countries, but also their decisions, which could potentially be applied in Croatia.
Everyone is welcome!


The hosts, assistants and volunteers:

Ivan Hromatko, Natasha Yurisich, Leila Younis, Ana Boinač, Vladan Korda
They present:
Amateurs and professionals from Latvia, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Turkey and Croatia - participants in international theater and educational seminars on the employability of people with disabilities.

C2 International working meeting

"Faces on stage, faces in front of the camera "

13.01-17.01.2016; Thessaloniki, Greece

Educathe+The performance of the second workshop "Faces on stage, faces in front of the camera ", developed as an effective theater of expression, will be presented in Theater Aratos (Moscow 12, Thessaloniki).Participants will be trained to express their thoughts and feelings, using theatrical methods by Grotovski, Boal, Geschalt and Stanislavsky and thus they will try to overcome their differences.

The main goals of the seminar and the final implementation are:
To help participants be more confident in their daily lives,
To increase the employability of people with disabilities through the development of "Soft skills" (key EU competences) participants and give them an opportunity for the labor market,
To overcome differences and say NO to discrimination against people with disabilities.


The performance on January 17 2016 will include people with disabilities and people, who deal with the problems of people with disabilities from Greece, Italy, Latvia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Belgium and Croatia, concerned with increasing the employability of people with disabilities and their skills. The seminar will be conducted by the partner of Educathe + Aratos Theater as a theatrical group specializing in theatrical improvisation emphasizes social issues, attitudes, reactions in our daily lives, human relations. Aratos is also an open-air theatrical community for teaching DCR and invisible disability people, who have various chronic diseases.
The performance on January 17 2016 will present the theater in a more social form, helping people express their feelings. The performance will be the end result of a method Geschalt (team and problem), method Boal (Theater of the Oppressed, Invisible theater), Grotovski (The purpose of the drama) and Stanislavski system (concept of emotional memory, for which an actor focuses internally, to depict the emotions of the character on stage).



The seminar will be conducted by a director-actor-playwright and a journalist Vasilis Tsikaras and Eleni Gianniou, dance teacher and gymnast, qualified in specialized manipulations. And finally, at the seminar the results will be recorded and later published on the internet platform - to be disseminated and to attract other persons and organizations.


C3 International training seminar &

Public performance "Frames"

Brussels, Belgium; (15.03.2016 – 19.03.2016)

The object and starting point of seminar C3 will be the concept”The framework”.

What is the frame? What types of frames do we recognize? Which frames we make we feel as limitations, and which - as support and emancipation. Stigma, underestimation, discrimination or exclusion from prejudice, ignorance and fear of the unknown or otherwise, represents reality for many people. Is this it, which happens in everyday life, at work or when looking for work. The seminar C3 “FRAMEWORK” aims to ENRICH the tools of the participants with and without (obviously) damage, to profile and express their own skills and talents and broaden the viewers' view by inviting them to look creatively at this, which the participants offer them.


The theater was deliberately chosen as a safe place to work in all intimacy, respect, trust and freedom of thought and action. The seminar begins with the collection of information and working materials from brainstorming sessions and interviews with participants on the topic "Framework". Personal experience, ideas, evidence, thoughts, feelings and problems, which come out of them, will be the building blocks of the future show. By means of theatrical improvisation, dance and stage sculpture participants will get to know themselves better and The "other". The material, received during the seminar will be prepared for public performance. This presentation contains a message to the audience, who was invited to a question and answer session with the participants after the show.

Brussels - photos | Brussels - more pictures

C4 International working meeting:

"Infinity of the colors of the drama"

(18.09.2016 – 23.09.2016; Antalya-Adrazan, Turkey)

International workshop C5 "Viewing" &
Closing public presentation of the NGO O.C.E.A.N "Reactions"

(30-1-2017 -3.2.2017):

The fifth training seminar of the partnership, called "Viewing" and the final public performance "Reactions", will be held in the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Chaidari ( Kolokotroni street 36, Tea, Athens, Greece) The meeting will be hosted by the NGO O.C.E.A.N..





The main goals of the C5 seminar are:
- Improving the employability of people with disabilities by developing "soft skills" in key competences (ES) of the participants, to give them opportunities in the labor market.
- Raising the visibility of existing discrimination against people with disabilities in the labor market to the general public, raising awareness among consumers and employers and provoking discussions and debates - Study of prejudices against people with disabilities in the labor market

The "Looking" workshop deals with human diversity and invites participants (with and without disabilities) to build effective communication skills (active listening, empathy and deeper understanding), while communicating with the other, seeking convergence and inclusion. Disabilities should not be seen as a problem, and as a challenge for fruitful cooperation of individuals and communities, efforts should focus on removing barriers (organizational, structural, cultural, social, etc.) to make inclusion material. Instead of advising people with disabilities to change (by correction, therapy, etc.), to become part of society, society needs to become more open and flexible and respond equally to the human mosaic.

The result of the workshop will be a theatrical performance "Reactions" featuring 20 NGO volunteers O.C.E.A.N, half of them with great difficulty. The theatrical performance will be a tangible result of the group's work, carried out in the last one year. Volunteers work to build group identity and develop theater-specific skills. Members of other Greek groups will join the participants from the partner organizations and will jointly write the play and direct its staging and public presentation..

Our theater workshop will be a place of liberation from roles, of reflexive thinking and intense interaction between "People without disabilities" and The "disabled".

Participants will go through the method “Theater through Reflections”, which OCEAN used in his work.
It is based on three pillars:
• Before (the birth)
• Now (until)
• After (Beyond)
By deciphering this specific triptych, we can translate it, as follows:

1. Preparation for work (Place / sphere)
2. Internal self-government / within the work environment
• intercultural relations and awareness
• time management
• Coping with stress
• cooperation and interaction
• adaptation and adjustment
3. Self-esteem: methods of organization, goals

Methodical tools, which will be used during the workshop are:
1. Improvisation: "Society": the integration process within each framework group / team
2. "Contact": Interaction and cooperation: "You and me"
3. BASIC TRAINING TOOL: "Think": Viewing:
• High level of time management
• respect for diversity
• sympathy
4. Improvisation: "Follow me"
• self-assessment and assessment
• goal and goal setting in skills and abilities

The workshop will be led by Dimitris Kacidoniotis: Biologist, musician and actor, Vasilios the Economist actor and director and Panayotis Zornacidis - actor and theatrologist.

The participants are both people with disabilities and teachers, which originate from eight partner organizations and seven European countries!
After the seminar, the results will be recorded and published later, inviting other individuals and organizations to use them in their work and join our future network.

C6 International Educational Seminar "In Deep Waters" & Public presentation "Borders".

21.03 – 25.03. 2017 - Syracuse, Italy

The sixth training seminar is the workshop "In deep water" (21 – 24 March 2017) and the final performance "Borders" (25 March, 2017), will be held in Convent of the Retreat (Via V. Mirabella, 31 Syracuse, Italy)
The host will be an NGO Otherwise, project partner.

The workshop "In deep water" deals with the economic inclusion of people with disabilities in society, inviting all participants to share good practices and learn how to use theater to teach the following key skills:
Initiative and entrepreneurship;
Social and civic competencies;
Cultural consciousness and expression;
Communication in a foreign language;
Communication in mother tongue.

The workshop will focus on the real impact, which the local context has in the daily lives of people with disabilities (problems of people with disabilities in the local community) and the opportunity provided by an international seminar.

The workshop "In deep water" trying to answer the question: "What are the limits of the human being??“. Participants will explore what they are:
The boundary of the body
The limit of the voice
The limit of feeling
Using four short scripts, we will be faced with the limits of ourselves and the limits of relationships with others. Body, voice and feelings will give us emotions, which according to "Stolen" quote from D. Lynch:

"Emotions are like a fish. If you want to catch a small fish, you can stay in shallow water. But if you want to catch a big fish, we need to go deeper. There they are huge and very beautiful. ".

The workshop will be held by Andrea Ibba, actor and director, in the historic area Ortija-Syracuse, enabling all participants to work in a historic place and at the same time to give publicity on the spot, which belongs to all European citizens.
The participants are people with disabilities and teachers, which come from eight partner organizations and seven European countries! The results of the workshop will be recorded and later published on an Internet platform, to be distributed and used by other individuals and organizations with a desire to join us in the future network
NPO Otherwise will join the members of the partner organizations for writing the play, its preparation and presentation in an open space to an audience
The show will be distributed, thanks to audio / a video, which will be uploaded to the internet, the press and all relevant media.

C7 International training seminar and public presentation

"Life with masks"

The subject of our workshop will be the inner masks, which in life help us succeed or make us victims in different situations. These are patterns of behavior, which we apply, so that we can meet the challenges, before we reveal our essence ourselves.

Some of the masks help us achieve our goals, with others we cover up our vulnerability. They often block our consciousness and lead us to the same scenario over and over again, depriving us of the opportunity to receive the most important things: love, care, respect, connection with others.

The purpose of the seminar is to explore the masks, which we carry in different areas of our lives: love, family, career, communication with people with disabilities, society.

In the show "Life with masks" we will look for different points of view and use different approaches: makeshift dolls, face masks, forum theater. It will be based on personal experience, thoughts and feelings on this issue.

The program

Sunday, 11.06.2017


19:30 "Welcome!» - meeting in a restaurant "Forum"


Monday, 12.06.2017

09:30 – 10:00 check in (St. "Yordan Yovkov" 13)

10:00 – 13:00 team building and brainstorming on the topic

(On. 15 minutes coffee break)


14:30 – 17:30 study of internal masks (On. 15 minutes of coffee break)

Tuesday, 13.06.2017

09:30 – 10:00 check in

10:00 – 13:00 work with face masks (On. 15 minutes of coffee break)


14:30 – 17:30 work with face masks (On. 15 minutes of coffee break)

Wednesday, 14.06.2017

09:30 – 10:00 check in

10:00 – 13:00 training for makeshift dolls

(On. 15 minutes of coffee break)


14:30 – 17:30 introduction of forum theater (On. 15 minutes of coffee break)


Thursday, 15.06.2017

09:30 – 10:00 check in

10:00 – 13:00 organizing the final script (On. 15 minutes of coffee break)


14:30 – 17:30 technical rehearsal (On. 15 minutes of coffee break)


Friday, 16.06.2017

Free time

14:00 – 17:00 general rehearsal (On. 15 min. Coffee break)

“Military History Museum”, st. "Church" 92)

18:00 presentation and discussion

21:00 The Mill ”, Dragalevtsi

Saturday, 17.06.2017


Video from the public presentation of the results of the workshop "LIFE WITH MASKS" you can see HERE

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