2009-2010 - Art with Difference

International project of theater companies, working with people with disabilities

With the support of the EU - program “Culture 2007- 2013”

Work with children with special educational needs

Art with difference


Italy, Hungary, Great Britain (Scotland), Germany, Bulgaria


1 October, 2008 – 30 June, 2010


  • Theatrical activities to create a show with people with special needs.
  • National and international tours. Theater festival in Italy.
  • Meetings for international exchange of experience in Italy and Bulgaria.

On 7 and 8 June, 2010 r. children with hearing impairments from 28 SHOW presented in Italy to a large audience theatrical performance "Mowgli". The young actors were highly applauded and rightly felt like stars.

On 30 May, 2010 r. instead of the children from 4the Auxiliary School "Prof.. Dimitar Katsarov », the performance "The three Little Pigs" had to be taken out by their deputies from the regular schools. Their team expresses its sincere gratitude for the great diligence and excellent performance. But this does not diminish our great regret of the fact, that those for whom this award was intended - the actors from the 4th auxiliary school , I didn't get it, entirely through the fault of the school management. But at least they felt how much they were liked and loved 19 May, when the wonderful original performance was presented on the stage of the community center "Miladinovi brothers".

On 27 April, successfully passed the premiere of "Ali Baba" of children with visual impairments at school Louis Braille - Sofia.

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