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2009 - Youth Agora

Forum theatrical performances and printed and video materials for trafficking prevention, drugs and domestic violence; With the support of Sofia Culture Program

The project is realized thanks to co-financing from Sofia Culture Program



January February, 2009



Sofia, community center "Slavic talk"



Theatre Tsvete presents forum-theatrical performances, aimed at preventing trafficking, drugs and domestic violence as a form of non-formal civic education.


Compilation and distribution of accompanying informational printed and video materials.

Young Family puzzle posterfamily, where it all starts beautifully and with love, falls into a crisis situation, when a man loses his well-paid job. Helplessness in the face of financial impasse triggers jealousy, after aggression. Does the woman have to work, when she is expected to be a housewife as well? Is it possible to reach out to someone, for whom you claim, that he is your favorite person?

Is there a justification for domestic violence?? As far as a compromise is possible?

Forum theater does not give an unambiguous answer to these questions, but is open to all, who want to try on stage how to deal with this situation.



PeterDose poster is of 18. He studies and struggles with life in the big city on his own. He falls in love for the first time and is ready for anything for his girl. Unfortunately, Lina is addicted to drugs. To help her, when in crisis, Peter commits a crime. Can love justify this?? Do you have a choice if you like?

Maybe you are familiar with this situation or you just have something to say?

Forum theater offers real problem situations on stage, in which there is no single answer. Come on, see if you want - try.



Open your eyes posterSofia is of 15 years and like every girl dreams… In her quest to be independent and achieve her dreams on her own she makes a mistake, falls into trafficking and is forced into prostitution abroad.

And if you were in her place? Are you sure?, that you would say "not" at the decisive moment?

Forum theater gives you the opportunity to test yourself in a completely realistic situation.




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Youth agora Youth agora Youth agora Youth agora Youth agora

Youth agora Youth agora Youth agora Youth agora Youth agora

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