Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe

2008-2009 - Youth Network of Citizens of Europe Theater and Discussion Clubs - 2

Expanding and strengthening the network. Training of young coaches in forum theater

With the support of Trust for civil society in CEE


In the cities of Zlatograd, Gotse Delchev, Blagoevgrad, Veliko Tarnovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Targovishte, Sofia


1 April, 2008 – 30 June, 2009


The aim of the second phase of the project is to expand the established network and create potential for sustainability. On the one hand, the number of clubs has increased, on the other hand, the knowledge and skills of some of the first participants in the forum were deepened, so that in the future they themselves will be trainers in forum theater, able to prepare new entrants for clubs.


Training on 42 young people for trainers of their peers in forum theater

Building new youth theater and discussion clubs in each of the cities with the direct assistance of trained volunteers

Creating and presenting theatrical performances on the most exciting local youth issues, motivating her to actively participate in resolving them

19they are a theater-discussion club have more than 150 representation in front of more than 8 000 young people in their native places and throughout the country. They make websites. Print information materials. They win a lot of fans. Their work is promoted by the local media. They receive proposals for inclusion in the projects of other non-governmental organizations.

NATIONAL YOUTH NETWORK OF CITIZENS AND THE DISCUSSION CLUBS "CITIZENSEUROPE"On 26, 27, 28 June, 2009 g., all youth clubs gathered in Sofia for the second edition of Agora - festival for youth social theater. 250 boys and girls joined the final stage of the project. On the stage of "Slavic talk" in the center of Sofia of young actors, aged from 13 to 25, carried out 19 forum theatrical performances, created on the basis of real, experienced stories. They encouraged the audience to be a participant in the show and to join in with ideas for solving the problems on stage.. And the problems are many: lack of communication with parents, domestic violence, aggression at school, social indifference, ecology, corruption… Openness in the way, by which young people share and discuss their problems captivates the audience. Come and see, and if you decide - play it! Theater Forum gives the audience a unique chance to try different patterns of behavior in a safe environment. Young people learn to be socially active and to assert their beliefs in realistic situations.

Youth Network of Citizens of Europe Theater and Discussion Clubs 2

From the media:

Fury and adrenaline between the slaps

Published by: Emil Minev on 6/24/09 • Categories: News and Events

Young people resolve conflicts like in a game

Youth Network of Citizens of Europe Theater and Discussion Clubs 2From the 26th to the 28th of June over 150 young people from all over Bulgaria will gather in Sofia, to take part in the second national festival of the social theater "AGORA". The festival will be a real art marathon, since within 3 days on the stage of the community center Slavic Conversation as many as nineteen forum theatrical performances will be shown in the capital. The youth, aged from 13 to 25 years, will look with the help of the audience for alternative ways to solve their daily problems. Domestic violence, aggression at school, ecology and human relationships are some of the most common topics, developed into performances based on real events, experienced by the participants in the theatrical discussion groups. Rage, "Adrenaline" and "Between the slaps" are the titles of three of the nineteen performances, which will represent the young Bulgarians from Sofia, Blagoevgrad, Gotse Delchev, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Veliko Tarnovo, Targovishte and Zlatograd.

The festival “AGORA” is the final activity of the second phase of the project "Citizens of Europe",
realized by Flower Theater and funded by The Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe. Under this project the team of Flower Theater train over 40 youth leaders, to promote the techniques of forum theater and to create new theater-discussion clubs in their cities. Because of the noble and positive influence, which this type of social theater has on the audience and its participants, project manager Tsvete Yaneva was awarded a prize for Inspirational leader of the ceremony for awarding the first in Bulgaria awards for personal development "Essence", which took place on June 14 in Modern Theater in Sofia.

The second festival of the youth social theater “AGORA” will open on June 26 with a press conference and a round table beginning 14:00 in the hall of the community center "Slavic Conversation" on the street. G.S. Rakovski 127.

Download the program of the AGORA festival

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