UN Development Program

2001 - "Really free"

Informal training of young people at risk for sexual and reproductive health instructors

with the support of UN development program through Bulgarian anti-spin coalition


September - December, 2001


SUPZ "Knyaz Boris 1", city. Sofia (young people with intellectual disabilities);

DMFFU "Prince Boris 1", city. Onion (girls and boys with permanent physical disabilities);

CBS "Hr. Botev ", the village of Podem, okr. Pleven (girls with deviant behavior).


Informal training for safe sexual behavior and reproductive health through drama- and theater techniques of adolescents at risk:

  • Breaking stereotypes and taboos. Building trust and respect in the group;
  • Necessary knowledge of diseases, sexually transmitted;
  • Practical skills training, necessary to prevent STDs (Sexually transmitted diseases);
  • The right to say "NO"
  • Theatrical discussions of case studies on the topic


“If I could say NO, I wouldn't be here”

Zornitsa - CBS "Hr. Botev ", the village of Podem

CONDOM = Kon + House


Have you ever read…A Tale of Spin?

(created especially for the project)

The whole kingdom of Man celebrated its national holiday - the Night of Love. No one guessed, that the insidious enemy will cross the border of his Body, taking advantage of the love intoxication of the border guards.

The virus HIV slipped in without any problems. And according to the preliminary instructions for destruction, went straight to the Military Academy. Here, the future defenders of the Body - the young White Blood Cells - were traditionally trained.

HIV slipped unnoticed into the classroom, who was about to graduate. Huge thick books of Kingdom history were piled up in the Professor's chair. Numerous battles with various invaders of the Human Body were described in them. On them the young defenders learned how to recognize the enemy and how to fight him.

Young scouts from the T-cell family, even at night they did not take the transceiver helmets off their heads. With them they would go around the whole kingdom and call the army, if they find an enemy.

Then the numerous regiments of brave men would arrive - most of them their cousins, also of the genus White Blood Cells. They would destroy the enemy and save the defenseless peaceful cells of the Human Body. At the Military Academy, they were now studying martial arts. And the experience of the battles, it would be recorded and passed on to the next. The training of the numerous fighters of the mighty army of the Immune System was excellent.

HIV he thought. They were many, he- myself. Destroying the whole kingdom seemed like a daunting task for a single virus. The Human Body was large and unmistakably structured. And the young T cells were infinitely loyal and diligent..

But HIV he was so smart, as evil. And he chose the right tactic. To win, the virus decided to turn the T cells themselves into helpers, to turn others like themselves into their helpers, to convert…

The next morning the old Professor was found asleep forever. He entered the class instead HIV

"I'm sorry for the costly loss.", students. But her teaching is a teaching - to check how far we have taken her.

Open the log.

"The scouts.". What's up, boys? You're going to work soon, but?

"That's right."!

"The kingdom needs heroes like you."! - The boys had more surgery. "Between us.", the most responsible service is yours. He continued HIV "Your helmets must always be in full combat readiness.".

The boys, confident in its serviceability, they readily handed over their helmets for inspection.

- I can not believe! Your transmitters are silent. Where is the signal?Anxiety"? YOU must keep the Army on the alert at all times! Do you want viruses to destroy the Human Body??

- Ama Profesore…

"Shut up."! Military court for you!

When a week later the young T cells graduated, their helmets squeaked "Anxiety" The whole time. Entered the service, young T cells passed on the new knowledge to older colleagues.

The scouts from the next class are the new professor HIV train in the same way. The signals from their helmets forced the disciplined fighters to constantly chase a non-existent enemy in full combat gear - to the east., westwards, north and south… Great Army Immune System, began to faint. "Anxiety", "Anxiety" - from many places! We need fighters!

The borders of the kingdom remained unguarded and numerous viruses - colds - invaded the Body, flu, bronchopneumonia…

The situation began to become catastrophic! The body was suffering from SPIN

One day the weakened Army once again arrived in vain. There was no virus. Anger gripped the fighters.

"The scouts drained our strength for real battles."! They help viruses deal with the Human Body

"Death to the enemy."! T-cell death! The fighters shouted and pounced on the scout

The horrifying news numb the Kingdom. The advice of the most experienced scouts was convened. Scouts - enemies of the Kingdom of Man? How so? Why?!!!

They began to remember the common moments in their lives - yesterday, last week, last month, continuous military action, reproach of their last teacher… Stop! The signal "Anxiety". The army - always on the alert! They leafed through the yellowed textbooks. Nothing like that!

HIV he had turned T cells into enemies of their own Kingdom! They had become traitors!

The Kingdom's army could no longer cope with the numerous invading viruses

HIV successfully completed its task.Human Body was destroyed!


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