2011-2013 - Documentary Theater Studio”

Establishment of student theater groups for conducting non-formal civic education of peers by peers.
The project was implemented with the help of the Foundation Civic Initiatives Workshop in program "Rainbow", with the financial support of the Foundation OUK and the Foundation Velux

When? 01.04.2011 – 01.10.2013

Where? In four schools in the Poduyane region, Sofia


With the active cooperation of the district administration Swelling the actors work in 4 schools and helped the theater groups created within the project to create and present to over 2000 their classmates 7 interactive theatrical performances.

On 30 May, 2013 in the community center "Revival" a finalizing conference was held Theater Against Violence, at which the three performances of this year by the students from 42 Hadji Dimitar Primary School, 44 Neofit Bozveli High School and 95 SOU «Prof.. Ivan Shishmanov ». The performances are based on disturbing real cases shared by the participants. After playing them, the leading actor of the discussion invites the viewers to intervene in the presented cases., going on stage at a time of their choice and looking for a way to improve the outcome of the story by changing the victim's behavior - etc.. forum theater. The method is innovative for our country and is an effective way to conduct non-formal peer education by peers.

Documentary Theater Studio Documentary Theater Studio Documentary Theater Studio

Documentary Theater Studio Documentary Theater Studio Documentary Theater Studio

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