Ministry of Culture

2014 - "You decide!“

creating a forum theatrical performance against peer violence for children from 9 to 13 year.

With the support of Ministry of Culture

creating a forum theatrical performance against peer violence for children from 9 to 13 year.

Today, school violence has become so commonplace, that students often do not notice it. More often, everything is early ...

The didactic education system is clearly powerless to deal with the problem. The school principal's edifying words no longer help.

In the theatrical performance, which we want to create, students will see some of the most common scenes of school violence, will identify with the characters, will talk about their motivation and feelings at different points in the development of the story. When children empathize with the victim's emotions, they will be motivated to look for a way to alleviate her situation. With their active participation we will create other scenes, showing a different perspective on history. This way they will be able to rethink their opinion, to express their own experiences and thoughts. Experiential learning can lead to a deeper and lasting understanding, lead to a change in attitudes and thoughts.

We hope through our media partners newspaper Az-Buki and radio “Alma mater” to give maximum publicity to the results of the application of drama and theater techniques in the civic education of adolescents. Hopefully this provokes interest in Ministries of Culture and Education to the development of applied theater and its implementation in the school system.

To evaluate the effectiveness of this innovative practice, we will seek feedback from viewers. The questions will be printed on the flyers and they will be able to answer us electronically




24-27.02.2014 tour of "And what would you do??” in Berkovitsa and Montana

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