Bahá'í International Community

2000 - "For a new psychoclimate in the Balkans"

training for positive conflict resolution between adolescents from multiethnic regions in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania. With the support of Bahá'í International Community - Public Information Office in Paris.


Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania



July-October - 2000 r.



Training for positive conflict resolution of adolescents from multiethnic regions: Interactive youth theatrical discussions "Happy Hypo Show"



  1. Can you win love by force?
  2. Are intercultural conflicts inevitable??
  3. Love without borders
  4. The neighbor - friend or foe?
  5. Word or sword - what to choose?
  6. Is voluntary work necessary for society??
  7. Life - battle or cooperation?
  8. Who is right? Do we have to fight for the truth?




Blagoevgrad - topic n 6

Question: Who donates - the poor or the rich?

Award-winning answer:The Good One.

At the request of the management of the youth center, we prepared a presentation and discussed a topic 2. In Tetovo from 50 years there are only two mixed marriages between Christians and Muslims. Both families leave the city.

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