A witch for a miracle and a fairy tale

The child grows up, when you ask yourself the important questions "Who am I?” and "What I came to this world for?”.

In the process of finding their answers, it learns to take responsibility, gains self-confidence, she gradually transformed from a little girl into a young girl and deservedly received the nickname "Witch for a miracle and a story"!

  • Playwright:

    Vesela Flambourari

  • Director:

    Violina Vasileva-Alexandrova

  • Music:

    Konstantin Kuchev

  • Scenography and dolls:

    Silvia Stoyanova

  • Costume:

    Ekaterina Kazakova

  • Choreography:

    Ina Gerginova

  • Participates:

    Violina Vasileva-Alexandrova

  • Duration:

    45 minutes

  • Suitable for:

    10 - 12 annual

The show was created thanks to the financial support of National Culture Fund

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