Yovkov`s stories

Theatrical and social formation "Theatre Tsvete"


25.10.2022r 14:30

"Junior center"


25.10.2022r 19:00

EXCELLENT "Enlightenment-1908"


26.10.2022r 17:00

LF „Xr. Botev"


27.10.2022r 11:45

PG SGST "Nikola Vaptsarov"


02.11.2022r 18:30

Municipal puppet theater


07.11.2022r 11:00

ARE "Vasil Levski"


08.11.2022r 12:00

Youth Centre

On 25-th October 2022 year begins the journey of our interactive educational spectacle “White scarf, red cloves” around the country!
The performance is based on the stories studied at school by Yovkov “On the line”, “Seraphim” and “Shibil”. Between them, the actors enter into a dialogue with the audience, to help them realize the specificity of the author's works and the significance of his work. The magic of the theater makes young people empathize with what is happening on the stage and they themselves reach the literary analysis, set out in the textbook. We expect the theatrical performance to help the students in learning the literature material, in exams and matriculation exams; as well as increase their interest in the writer's work.

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