Mission and values

Theatrical and social formation "Theatre Tsvete"

• Creating preconditions for future positive inclusion of adolescents in social life, regardless of their origin and capabilities
• Activating the society in solving the problems of adolescents
• Introduction of art and derivatives of modern art psycho-social techniques in the social, educational and health work with adolescents

• To conduct non-formal civic education among adolescents
• To support the integration of minority communities
• To carry, adapts and disseminates good practices of applied theater
• To enrich, updates and improves its repertoire, tailored to the needs of different groups

• Continuous enrichment of the professional knowledge and skills of the team through participation in national and international partnership projects, trainings and education
• Production and distribution of theatrical performances, aiming at personal growth and positive inclusion in the social life of these, for which we create them
• Development and implementation of own social art, educational and health projects
• Organizing and carrying out youth trainings and trainings
• Creating training programs and conducting trainings for trainers (teachers – students and professionals, artists, social workers and youth volunteers)
• Participation in national and international media events, aimed at solving the problems of adolescents
• Interaction with state and regional institutions, NGOs, universities, cultural institutions, mass media in the country and abroad.
• Membership in national and international networks of organizations of similar activity

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