“If you love me” – Forum theatre online

"Ако ме обичаш!"
Hello, students and teachers!
Theatre Tsvete invites you to something very cool!
Interactive Theater Forum in Zoom.
The bravest of you will turn on your cameras and take part in live experiments. It always turns out mega interesting, when one situation is looked at from different points of view. Even if you don't want to participate, you can only look through Zoom or Live on the wall of Theatre Tsvete in Facebook.
Forum theatre online
After a lot of grumbling and with a lot of reservations, Nadia he manages to persuade his father to give her his new car, to go to the class farewell party. on the way back, however, the car drives on the wet road and goes out of the lane. the girl begs her stepbrother to take her father's car, to download hers. The boy does not have a driver's license yet, but his sister is waiting for him alone on a dark rainy night, scared and helpless
Get involved in a project "WE PLAY YOUR STORY"!
If you have a problem, who do not dare or do not know how to decide, share it in an anonymous email to Theatre Tsvete (theatre_tsvete@abv.bg) and we will play it. And then all together, actors and spectators, we will change it, we will argue, we will have fun – together we will look for solutions. This will give you answers to your questions:
Where did I go wrong?
If it happens to me again, how to react?
How would another act in my place?
We invite you to a forum-theater!
Another forum theatrical performance, created by chance, shared by your peer.
Project "WE PLAY YOUR STORY" is carried out with the financial support of the program "CRISIS AS AN OPPORTUNITY" on Sofia Municipality and Sofia Development Association

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