“CHEWING GUM” – Forum theatre for ninth graders from the Spanish High School in Sofia

Chewing gum
Another theatrical forum performance from the series "LET'S PLAY YOUR STORY ",
created on the case of your peers, look at 28 May from 12:30 o'clock.
CHEWING GUM – Forum Theater of Students from The Spanish High School
Everyone benefits from his knowledge of mathematics, but, he is constantly ridiculed by his classmates. While… another incident
in class ends unexpectedly.
Project "WE PLAY YOUR STORY" is carried out with the financial support of the program "CRISIS AS AN OPPORTUNITY" on Sofia Municipality and Sofia Development Association.
If you are between 12 and 18 years, get involved in a project "WE PLAY YOUR STORY"!
If you have a problem, who do not dare or do not know how to decide, share it in an anonymous email to Theatre Tsvete (theatre_tsvete@abv.bg) and we will play it. And then all together, actors and spectators, I will
we change, we will argue, we will have fun – together we will look for solutions.
This will give you answers to your questions:
Where did I go wrong?
If it happens to me again, how to react?
How would another act in my place?
We invite you to a forum-theater!

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