Theatrical and social formation "Theatre Tsvete"
30.09.2023 19:00

War stories – premiere

Dorm 30.09.2023 19:00 The project was implemented with the financial support of the National Fund “Culture” in program “PROGRAM FOR THE RESTORATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF PRIVATE CULTURAL ORGANIZATIONS”

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19.09.2023 18:00

are you cool?

North Park 19.09.2023 18:00 “Are you cool?” presents the drama of the need to replace the spiritual needs of the young man with material gains , to

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19.09.2023 11:00

The flying knight

North Park 19.09.2023 11:00 We present you the story of a boy with an unusually wild imagination. His classmates do not accept him because of his differences. And the adults are

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Forum-theater “Friend”

On 18 May 2023 year, the first performance of the branch of the Tsvete Theater in Gabrovo, created by my colleague Tanya Yorgova, was performed. The Forum-theater “Friend” sharpen attention

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06.06.2023 19:00

30 years of theater “Tsvete”

Slavic Conversation 06.06.2023 19:00 We celebrated together 30 the anniversary of the creation of the "Flowers" Theater – the first private, theater formation, which begins to apply art and drama

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18.05.2023 13:10

Comment on this

156 SHOW 18.05.2023 13:10 "Comment on this" is a theatrical play, provoked by a real case of student aggression by communicating on Facebook. It is aimed at making sense of

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18.05.2023 10:30

And what would you do?

64 OU 18.05.2023 10:30 “And what would you do??” is a forum theatrical performance, which presents three of the most common forms of violence in

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12.05.2023 14:00


39 ARE 12.05.2023 14:00 The spectacle “Nashenets”, which Theater “Tsvete” created based on the works of Aleko Konstantinov with the financial support of the National Fund “Culture”. We look forward to the performances

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Colorful shadows
28.04.2023 13:30

“Colorful shadows”

144 ARE 28.04.2023 13:30 The project “Colorful shadows” proposes conducting innovative informal civic training to prevent the use of narcotic substances and the related risk

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