2011-2012 - "Social inclusion of Roma in Bulgaria" - 1

With the support of Foundations "Open Society", program "Art and culture"


01.09.2011 – 31.08.2012


village Lower Ciber, obl.Vraca


We had defined the goal of the project as “Realization of a program of theatrical activities, representing the Roma culture and the ability of the people of Roma origin of the whole society”.

We planned to collect our favorite stories, which the grandmothers in the village tell their grandchildren and introduce them. But the adults preferred not to talk about ethnic differences. They say; that they have long been integrated.

However, after completing their secondary or higher education, these studious Roma return to the unemployed Tsiber village 99% Roma population. Why?
A few days after the first meetings of the project happened “Katunitsa”. Strong anti-Roma protests began in Bulgaria. Nationalist parties used the occasion to incite ethnic hatred among thousands of adolescents
We were lucky to find the tale Kalo Mitras from Miroslav Klima, written on old gypsy tales. It tells of a king, who hates the Roma, and this hatred makes him lonely and unhappy forever. We could not find anything more appropriate!
In a show with fairy tale characters, songs and dances from the Roma ethnic group the young actors proudly announced: on stage "We are Roma". The message, which they convincingly sent to society crossed ethnic boundaries - "We all love in the same way!“
With a strong affinity for theater, residents of Lower Ciber were attracted by the hard work of creating the show with princesses, heroes, music, dancing and magic. Actors from different generations entered the show. At the premiere, the audience filled the hall of the community center and applauded the creators of the show. The mayor allowed the use of a municipal bus to tour the show and expressed the pride of the whole community for the wonderful work

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