2012-2013 - "Social inclusion of Roma in Bulgaria" - 2

With the support of Foundations "Open Society", program "Art and culture"


December, 2012 - August, 2013



the village of Dolni Tsibar, obl.Vraca



Project #OR2012-0888 is a natural continuation of our work in from. Lower Ciber through 2011-2012 year

The project theatrical activity goes together with the project one 'Good luck' of MONM, so that the two mutually expand and enrich.

Main goal:

Lower Ciber to become a regional theater center again, as it was until 1992 r.


  • Build a team of teachers, capable of producing quality student theater performances
    Local teachers wanted to join: Valentina Assenova, Mirolyub Dimitrov, Dimitrina Dimitrova, Edi Dimitrov, Elena Boyanova and Iskra Lazarova.
  • Establishment of a local amateur theater troupe with its own name, rituals, repertoire, promotional materials
  • Distribution and popularization of her theatrical production

basic activities:

  • Three-day training of teachers for teamwork. Specification of the next project activities;
  • 3 daily training in basic theatrical skills for students and teachers.
  • Development of a program for interactive theater in order to conduct non-formal civic education:
    • A fairy tale, dramatized for an interactive show - for the little ones.
    • Forum theatre (FT) in actual cases for larger
  • Production of advertising materials - printed and online
  • Restorative rehearsals of "The scariest magic"
  • Distribution of products outside the village

"Social inclusion of Roma in Bulgaria" - 2 "Social inclusion of Roma in Bulgaria" - 2

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