First Youth Camp "”Individual…

Exercise your rights with knowledge and creativity "

First youth camp "Individual awareness of human rights - to try through art"

The next day, 27-my october 2020 year, young people from Sliven, Zlataritsa and Chepelare gather in the halls of Borika Hotel, city.Chepelare to begin their program training "Individual awareness of human rights - to try through art" . Unfortunately, the young people from rr. Lower Ciber are stopped by their parents . In their place we include a group of 10 man from city. Zlatograd. The young people from city. Plovdiv nor do they receive permission from their families to come to camp . They conduct the same training in the hotel halls Leipzig in town Plovdiv.

The training in this program aims to present key topics in human rights and through appropriate art methodology to raise awareness of their relationship and indivisibility, to develop critical thinking, confidence in expressing personal opinions, zero tolerance for violence and disrespect for other people's rights.

Forum theater is a set of theatrical techniques, changing the position of the learners from observers to active participants, encouraging them to engage in dialogue on the issues, affecting them. In role-playing games, they recreate a real - familiar or imaginary situation, consider the problem from different points of view (victim, bully, observer, etc.). In this way, they develop a deeper understanding of the situation and those affected and the opportunity to find a solution.

For the first two days, all participants were randomly divided into three mixed groups. Surprising interactive tasks melted all the ice, they built sympathy and gained trust in each other. The atmosphere in the camp became warm, caring, creative. Translated into the language of the theater, dry administrative articles and paragraphs turned into emotional discussions, interesting frozen statues or exciting short sands.

In the answers to the question from the initial survey "What made the strongest impression on you during the training??”, we read:

  • that we learn important things, which can happen to us in real life in the form of a game
  • to see one thing from different points of view
  • that I found the positive in myself
  • that we manage to make a decision on a given issue, even though we think so differently
  • that we all worked as a team
  • that they are all extremely talented
  • I did not expect, that it will be so much fun
  • that everyone felt happy

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