2008-2009 - "Open your eyes!“-2008

Building youth units, conducting trafficking prevention through attractive theatrical methods in Blagoevgrad, Kyustendil and Dupnitsa

With the support of Balkan Trust for Democracy


In the cities of Blagoevgrad, Dupnitsa and Kyustendil


1 October, 2008 – 30 June, 2009


Young participants and their leaders are provided with thematic videos and trained to discuss appropriate patterns of behavior in the various phases of trafficking - stocking., transportation and sexual exploitation. With these materials they attend local schools, causing awareness of the seriousness of the problem by their peers.

Police officials provide information on the assistance, which state institutions provide.

V 4-daily training in forum theater young people are trained to stage various cases of trafficking in women. In the discussions, who follow the performances the spectators are provoked to realize the exceptional importance of the personal decision for the development of the critical situation.

The participants present the created theatrical performances to their classmates, parents, teachers and representatives of local authorities.

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